We are all born with the same basic neurology. Our ability to do anything in life, whether it’s driving a car, reading this text or swinging a golf club, depends on how we control our nervous system.

So much of NLP is devoted to learning how to think more effectively and communicate more effectively with yourself and others.

What is NLP?

Increasingly, you will hear the subject of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) mentioned as you go about your daily life- in corporations, colleges and coffee shops. NLP has grown in popularity because it offers “aha!” moments. “Neuro” relates to what’s happening in our minds, “Linguistic” refers to language and how we use it, while “Programming” tackles the persistent patterns of behaviour that we learn and then repeat.

How can NLP help with Golf?

NLP can help you if you have the following problems;

  • Suffer from 1st tee nerves
  • Constantly hook or slice the golf ball
  • Struggle to take your good shots from the practice tee out onto the course
  • Let one poor shot lead to the ruin of the rest of your round
  • Get anxious over short putts
  • Get easily frustrated on the golf course
  • Are envious of people you believe are better golfers than you
  • Have one particular hole that you always play poorly
  • Believe that you will never be any good at golf

What can NLP help you achieve?

  • Feel comfortable playing your first shot of the day
  • Hit the ball long and straight when it really matters
  • Take your “A” game from the range out onto the course
  • Perform at your best for longer
  • Hole all of your short putts
  • Manage your state of mind and how you feel
  • Acquire the skills you most admire in others
  • Overcome the effects of past negative experiences and turn them into positives
  • Achieve goals you previously considered impossible
  • Get more fun and enjoyment out of your game