Skytrack launch Monitor

SkyTrak is aphotometic launch monitor that shows key factors such as clubhead speed, ball speed, initial start line of the ball,  side spin, backspin and launch angle.
The information gathered from the launch monitor highlights the areas where improvement is required during lessons. These improvements will help eliminate slices and hooks by tightening up issues with the clubface angle and swingpathto enable you to hit longer, straighter shots optimising your performance on the golf course.

You may also have a ball flight that is either too high or too low which is robbing you of distance. The data that is collected highlights any issues with dynamic loft delivery and the possibility of having either too much, or too little, backspin which can again be worked on during lessons.

The launch monitor also has a ‘bag mapping’ feature that enables golfers know how far they hit each club from full swings to half shots with wedges. Generally, we all think we hit the ball further than we actually do. Knowing exactly how far you hit each club can massively improve your course management skills leading to you reducing the number of shots lost through poor club selection.

The data that is collected can be emailed after the session.

Where to Buy

You can purchase SkyTrak & Skycaddie products through the Skycaddie website.

I am a Skycaddie affiliate with access to a wide range of their products.

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Hackmotion is a small, in-obtrusive,wrist sensor that connects via Bluetooth to a phone/tablet and gives both visual and audible feedback to the wrist angles throughout the swing. The positioning of the hands on the club and the way you manipulate your wrists during the swing are predominantly what control the club face during the swing.

The sensor is fantastic at highlighting any issues in this area and helps golfers feel a change effectively and quickly helping them hit straighter shots by getting the club face into a more functional position at impact.


Hole More Putts

The Hole More Putts tablet is a launch monitor specifically designed for putting that highlights the five key areas of the putting stroke.  Issues with club face angle, path, impact point, angle of attack and speed can easily be identified and effective drills given to help you improve your performance on the greens. The monitor can be used both outdoors and indoors on my purpose built putting station so putting lessons can take place if the weather is poor.
The tablet connects via Bluetooth giving immediate feedback to the stroke and any changes made.

The monitor can also identify if the putter that you’re using is suitable for your putting stroke.